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Making Learning Our Adventure!

Dear Harbor View Community!

Welcome to the start of a new adventure for the 2014-15 school year!

Last year was an incredible adventure.  Our RtI (Response to Instruction) model continued to grow and saw impressive gains as we provided extra time and support to students who struggled or needed reinforcement of specific essential grade level skills and standards.  Through RtI, we also emphasized enrichment opportunities for our students who mastered these skills.  The program proved to be so successful that each grade level found additional opportunities to employ RtI beyond the one time a week that we started with initially.  We will continue to use RtI in the coming school year, and have added additional teachers to provide even more support and enrichment!

Another huge success came with our 1:1 iPad program in sixth grade and the additional purchase of 2 rolling iPad carts to be used with other grades.  Through the generous support of our PFO and the HV Dads, we are seeing this program continue to grow!  This next school year, we will have grade level carts in grades K-3 and are expanding our 1:1 program into 4-6 grades!   I am proud and excited that Harbor View has taken the lead in the district to provide students with the opportunities to develop 21st century skills.  The iPads will also be used to differentiate instruction through apps like JiJi, Accelerated Reader and Math, and Lexia.  All of these applications provide individualized support to students at their individual level!

Finally, many of you have seen the news about the adoption of the Common Core State Standards (CCSS).  As opposed to the current California State Standards, the CCSS has a stronger emphasis on critical thinking and problem solving.  Fortunately, our district has been working over the last year to provide teachers with support in what will be a dramatic paradigm shift in how instruction will be delivered.  Students will be expected to do more than fill-in the correct bubble on an answer sheet.  Now, they will need to explain their thinking and find different ways to solve a problem.  A greater emphasis has also been placed on writing and the reading of high-interest nonfiction across the subjects (yes…even writing and reading in math!)  It will be an exciting time as Harbor View makes the transition to the CCSS this year!

I am looking forward to an amazing school year...LET’S CONTINUE TO MAKE LEARNING OUR ADVENTURE!



Dr. Todd Schmidt


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