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Art Masters

Art Masters

Funded by generous donations from our parents, Art Masters is a monthly program where all K-6 students receive instruction by a highly qualified educator on famous artists, their styles, and techniques. Then, twice a month, students spend an hour in our art room in a structured and supervised environment practicing the styles and techniques that made that month’s artist famous!

Overview Art Masters Calendar

2014-2015 Art Masters Calendar

Sept. 24th    (Lessons Sept. 25,26,28, Oct. 2,3,6)
Jan. 7th        (Lessons Jan. 8,9,12,22,23,26)
Feb. 4th        (Lessons Feb. 5,6 9,26,27, Mar. 2)
Mar. 4th        (Lessons Mar. 19,20,23,26,27,30)
Apr. 22nd     (Lessons Apr. 23,24,27,30, May 1,4)
May 13th      (Lessons May 14,15,18,28,29 Jun.1)