Harbor View Elementary School

Activities, Flyers, & Forms


There are lots of activities for you to join in at HV!


A few are described in this menu but you'll hear about more at Flag Deck (Friday mornings), in Daily Announcements, from teachers, and from friends.


Most can be found by clicking through HV's School Calendar here (it also sits on this website's homepage to the right). You'll see that many activities have weblinks or pdfs attached to give you registration forms and more info.


Those forms can also be found on the PFO's webpage top dropdown menu 'Flyers & Forms'. Go to: www.hvpfo.org to see!


Send your or your parent's email address to hvpfo@hvpfo.org to subscribe to the PFO's Sunday afternoon email blast called 'This Week at HV.' It's full of links to upcoming activities, classes, and info. for you.


Also, text: 81010 to @harborv to receive 'Remind' texts which both remind and inform!