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Student Recognition

Harbor View Vikings are BRAVE!!!

Harbor View uses a Positive Behavior Intervention and Supports (PBIS) program. For the uninitiated, PBIS is a system that focuses on the behaviors we want to see in students, rather than the ones we do not.  It emphasizes the character traits that we hope students will refine as they move through our school.  It also finds simple and meaningful ways to reward those students who work on developing them!  At our site, a team came together to determine the traits we most wanted to emphasize.  We also tied in our mascot to come up with an anagram to showcase these traits.

Harbor View Vikings are BRAVE:

B = Bold (take risks and chances)

R = Respectful (politness, inclusive, making good choices)

A = Accountable (get things done, learn from mistakes)

V = Visionary (dream BIG)

E = Empathetic ("get in another's shoes and walk around in them")

Every other month, each teacher will recognize one student that exemplifies one of the building blocks to BRAVE. These students will be invited to a special luncheon, where their parents are asked to join, to hear from their child'e teacher on why they are deserving of the BRAVE award. They will leave the lunch with a certificate and laminated speech written by their teacher. 

Vikings are BRAVE

Student of the Month

Every month, we focus on one of the building blocks of UCLA’s Coach John Wooden’s Pyramid to Success represented through the picture book Inch and Miles: The Journey to Success. Students learn about the building block and ways to incorporate it into their daily lives. At the end of each month, each teacher chooses a student who best exemplifies that month's trait. These students are then recognized at Flag Deck and receive a certificate and carabiner to commemorate their accomplishment.

Pyramid of Success

John Wooden's Pyramid to Success

Sometimes, we want to recognize students for doing something a little extra special, a little extra respectful, and little extra worthy of praise. Throughout the year, all staff members will be encouraged to recognize students who distinguish themselves in a special way and exemplify any of Coach Wooden’s building blocks to the Pyramid of Success. 

John Wooden's Pyramid of Success Website

Pyramid of Success

1 Million Word Club

Studies have shown that students who read more do better in school. They are better spellers, better readers, better writers, and better thinkers. We challenge every student to embrace our Accelerated Reader program. Students who read and take the Accelerated Reader test for books they read can win special recognition at the end of the year with the 1 Million Word Club. This special recognition goes only to students who read at least one million words in a school year.

Perfect Monthly Attendance

Again, recent research has shown that students who have good attendance are more likely to be successful in school and less likely to have truancy/tardy issues in high school and in their careers. Each month, students who are on time and have no unexcused absences are invited to participate in special activities specially designated for these students. Activities range from throwing a water balloon at the principal, to dodge ball, to seeing some of your favorite teachers and staff members in the dunk tank!