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Innovation Lab

Recent lessons in the Innovation Lab have been nothing short of amazing! We're diving headfirst into creativity and problem-solving, using the engineering design process. 💡

Our young innovators have been busy building, creating, and exploring with a wide array of materials, including Makerspace resources, Keva Planks, Legos, Brain flakes, and Magnet Tiles. The possibilities are endless, and the energy in our classroom is electric! ⚡

Here are three skills our incredible students are honing: 1️⃣ Problem-solving: They're tackling real-world challenges, learning to analyze problems, and coming up with innovative solutions. 2️⃣ Teamwork: Collaboration is key as they work together to bring their ideas to life, fostering a sense of camaraderie. 3️⃣ Critical Thinking: Our students are developing sharp minds, constantly asking questions and refining their designs.

We're not just building amazing creations; we're also practicing classroom routines, establishing procedures, and setting expectations for a safe and productive school year. Safety and learning go hand in hand, and our Innovation Lab is the perfect place to cultivate these skills.