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Attendance Matters Image of preschool through high school students

As we enter the final few months of the school year, I want to take a moment to emphasize the importance of students attending school all day, every day. Regular attendance and punctuality are key factors in student success, both academically and socially.

Every day of school is important, and missing even a single day can have a significant impact on your child’s education and overall well-being. When students attend school regularly, they have the opportunity to build strong relationships with their peers and teachers, participate in engaging and meaningful learning experiences, and develop the skills and knowledge needed to succeed in their future endeavors.

Success Starts When You Show Up!

In addition to the academic benefits, regular attendance plays a crucial role in promoting positive social skills and overall well-being. Students who attend school regularly are more likely to feel connected to their peers and school community, have a greater sense of belonging, and develop important life skills such as time management, responsibility and resilience.

5 Tips to Promote Good Attendance

  1. Ensure that children get enough rest
  2. Eat healthy meals (free meals provided at school, if needed)
  3. Encourage your child to maintain daily routines such as finishing homework, sleeping and waking at consistent times 
  4. Stay informed about your child’s social contacts and online interactions 
  5. Ask for help - School staff, after-school program providers, and other parents or community agencies are available to help families access resources and address experiences that make it difficult to attend and participate in school on a regular basis, obtain food or housing, and other situations that make it difficult to attend and participate in school on a regular basis.

I encourage all families to work with their children to prioritize attendance and punctuality for the remainder of the school year. Let's work together to ensure good attendance so that every student has the opportunity to finish the year strong.

Thank you for your continued support and partnership in promoting student success.

Dr. Wesley Smith
Newport-Mesa Unified School District