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Is your child using a Chromebook from NMUSD outside of school hours? This month's tech tip is all about keeping them safe online with GoGuardian Parent! While Chromebooks have built-in filtering to block inappropriate content to keep your child safe online, GoGuardian Parent acts as an additional layer of control, allowing you to customize the filtering settings to better suit your family's needs.

GoGuardian Parent is a FREE app for iOS and Android devices that gives you more control over your child's Chromebook activity when they're not in school. With GoGuardian Parent, you can:

  • Block websites you don't want your child to access.
  • Pause the internet on their Chromebook entirely.
  • Manage internet access during breaks and holidays.

This is a great way to promote safe and responsible online behavior at home. GoGuardian doesn't replace the built-in filtering but rather works alongside it for a more comprehensive approach.

Getting Started is Easy!

We've prepared a helpful guide (available in English, Spanish, and Russian) to walk you through the setup process. 

Don't wait! Download GoGuardian Parent today and take charge of your child's Chromebook experience!

GoGuardian Parent Tips for a Safe and Responsible Chromebook Experience:

  • Set Screen Time Limits: Use GoGuardian Parent to schedule internet access breaks throughout the day or week. This can help your child develop healthy online habits and focus on other activities.
  • Block Inappropriate Websites: GoGuardian Parent allows you to create custom block lists to restrict access to websites you deem unsuitable.
  • Promote Open Communication: Talk to your child about online safety and expectations for Chromebook use. GoGuardian Parent's activity monitoring features can be a conversation starter and help you stay informed.
  • Pause the Internet: When homework is due or it's time for family time, you can use GoGuardian Parent to pause internet access entirely.
  • Review Website Activity: GoGuardian Parent provides a history of websites your child visits. Take some time to review these together and discuss any questions you might have.
  • Work Together with Teachers: GoGuardian facilitates communication between teachers and parents regarding Chromebook use. Don't hesitate to reach out to your child's teacher if you have any questions or concerns.